The most important thing is that you are equipping yourself with the mindset to deal with your bad days

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Your mindset is most often either your biggest roadblock to overcoming a bad mood or the best pathway into seeing things more positively. If you practice sitting/sulking in your bad days and spouting off negativity about how nothing will ever get better, you won’t be able to see anything good. But if you focus on taking in those moments that aren’t great and understanding that they don’t have to define your whole day, or even a whole hour – you’ll be able to handle them better.

WordPress bug report: WordPress tag/s don’t work :/

One of my blog posts does not show up in the tagged post listing, even though it uses the tag.


The post that doesn’t show up is:

I noticed this because I just reposted another review of Abbot’s “Freestyle Libre” technology a few minutes ago, and since I remembered having review the very same CGM a while back, I checked to see if it was listed (and how far apart the two posts are listed).

Nada — it’s not there at all (even though many older posts are listed).

Maybe Abbott has an arrangement with WordPress to eliminate negative reviews? 😯

Nothing had me chasing impossible standards more than motherhood

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Because when you put the quiet expectation on yourself as a mother to never fall or fail them, to never show when you’re scared and never feel angry – then somewhere along the way you’ve stopped acknowledging God and decided you can be a good enough god to the people you love instead. We may never say it that way, but the exhausting way I was living and striving exposed me. I expected myself to always be able to love and care and be everything for Nicole perfectly.

People advertise Wins more than Failures

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We only see Wins around us because few talk about failures the trials and errors because such things aren’t sexy, at least not until you have turned them into a Win. The consistent effort to achieve your goal is not talked about because mundane isn’t glorified. Nobody talks about the umpteenth failures, falling down getting up to make that Win in the nth trial. All we see is the end product, the Win.