Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success

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I was once a failure. This was when I failed keeping a promise to my mom, that I will finish my studies and take off my family from extreme poverty. I fell inlove at a very young age and build my own family without knowing the consequence of what I have done. I broke the heart of my mom and became a big disappointment. But this failure served as a lesson to me. I stand up and started allover again. Now I am currently studying at Aldersgate College, taking up BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in MARKETING MANAGEMENT now I can already say “I’m on my way toward my success in life” and my mom was very grateful and happy seeing her only daughter achieving her dreams.

Many failures are the result of an individual’s lack of passion, direction, and aim in life

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In this article I’m going to explore the power of visualization and imagination.

Everything Is Created Twice, The First Time In The Mind and Then In Reality – Jeff Heggie Coaching