WordPress bug report: WordPress tag/s don’t work :/

One of my blog posts does not show up in the tagged post listing, even though it uses the tag.

See https://wordpress.com/tag/freestyle-libre

The post that doesn’t show up is: https://diabetes.tech.blog/2021/05/21/review-of-abbott-freestyle-libre-cgm-continuous-glucose-monitoring-system-major-software-problems

I noticed this because I just reposted another review of Abbot’s “Freestyle Libre” technology a few minutes ago, and since I remembered having review the very same CGM a while back, I checked to see if it was listed (and how far apart the two posts are listed).

Nada — it’s not there at all (even though many older posts are listed).

Maybe Abbott has an arrangement with WordPress to eliminate negative reviews? 😯


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