It’s taken a lot of work to cultivate this mindset, and it’s not a linear journey

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Sometimes it’s tough, and I wonder what I’m doing most days. I also don’t trivialise the very real struggles that the job market and economy can present at the moment; this is a reflection on how missing opportunities has helped me to build stronger going forward.

Does My Love Crush Others?

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“To reveal someone’s beauty is to reveal their value by giving them time, attention, and tenderness. To love is not just to do something for them but to reveal to them their own uniqueness, to tell them that they are special and worthy of attention.” (22)

Every single person is beautiful. They display that beauty to the world so long as we do not bury them beneath our own vision of beauty.

Vanier calls out the crushing nature of my love. When I shower people in love it is an attempt to display what I believe will meet their needs or bring them joy. If I am not careful it is a self-centred love. It is an uneven love: I am reaching down from a place of self-worth trying to help others to find their step.

I have spent half of my lifetime trying to help people. Vanier forces me…

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